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Talk about CrossFit means to speak of a discipline consisting of a wide range of movements and that provides a 360° all the physical capacity general that man can develop during physical exercise. If done correctly anyone can reap the great benefits regardless of age, gender and state of health. The movement is an organic function is indispensable for the growth and evolution of man. Maintain the usual practice of this function delays the regressive process of aging to which we are all destined. CrossFit uses those forms of movement to which man is designed structurally and physiologically and that therefore reflect the typical requirements of daily life. Our goal is to help this perfect machine to remain the most efficient and functional as possible over time.

The BOX's philosophy

The name "MAS" refers to the initial letters of the Latin phrase "Memento audere semper". The phrase means "Remember to dare always" and it is precisely the philosophy that characterizes this box. Without ever dare, you cannot hope to receive anything that ardently desires. If you have a target our challenge is to help you to reach it in a correct way, safe and pleasant trying to send you this passion that for years now for us has become a way of life.


Discover the history of the CROSSFIT and the 10 Basic Rules

CrossFit was and still is a fitness regimen whose origins date back to the Seventies, although it has started to draw the attention of the public only toward the second half of the Nineties when Greg Glassman founded in 1995 the first gym used to CrossFit in Santa Cruz in California. He was the first in history to define the Fitness so significant and measurable: "to increase the capacity of the work over time in an infinite series of activities and exercises." From the beginning, the aim was to create a fitness program broad, general and accomodating, trying to rebuild a methodology of training to prepare the subject to deal with every eventuality... Read history

The first, arrives at the box with 10 minutes in advance. The warm-up is the most important part of the training. The laggards benefited 10 burpees for every minute of delay.

The second, if you finish the WOD for first does not go in the locker room. Helps and encourages your teammates. The CrossFit is above all a community of people who support one another.

The third, at the end of the WOD dock equipment in order, clean your every trace of plaster, sweat and blood. Remember that after you there will always be someone else. Leave the locker rooms as they do you want to find.

The fourth, magnesite is very useful but also leaves many traces. Precisely for this reason it is put only on the hands and not launched as if it were confetti.

The fifth, the coach is one and not you! Do not give free interpretations of the exercises. When the coach speaks, listen in strict silence.

The sixth, if you're here is only because you have chosen you and everything you do is to enhance, then... don't complain. From always the maximum and not save yourself ever.

The seventh, you learn quickly that it is sometimes necessary to protect your hands and wrists. Get then gloves, tape and Wrist braces. Train with shoes and technical clothing and you will immediately see the difference.

The octave, CrossFit has the ability to teach the humility even the most egocentric. Enters the box with the desire to improve yourself and not to compare ourselves with others. You never know who you'll front.

The ninth, run all the repetitions with the right technique even if we put much more time. Cheating kidding yourself. If you want to become a better person, your path also passes from the honesty.

The Tenth, does not produce results without hard work. Then by always the maximum and do not be ashamed if at times you will be in difficulty. Remember that if you are unable to do anything because we do not work enough.


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If you have decided to try the CROSSFIT, you can book a free trial at our box, without any commitment on your part. Send an email to, we are waiting for you!

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